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Do you imagine a proposal in Venice? Are you thinking about proposing to the love of your life? How about you do it in the most romantic place on Earth, Venice? The floating city of Venice is full of romantic spots. It is a very beautiful city to explore and to get lost in. Even though it is a very crowded place, you can still find the perfect spot for the surprise proposal. The good thing about a proposal is that it is a magical moment where you take your partner by surprise. Confess how lucky you are to have him/her in your life and then go down on one knee and say the magical words “Will you marry me?”

Here are some amazing places in Venice where you can do the proposal:

  1. On a Gondola Ride
  2. On a Bridge
  3. San Marco square
  4. Salute Church


  • On a Gondola Ride

You are in the most romantic floating city in the world. The best option for a Venice proposal is to propose on a Gondola ride.  Take a Gondola ride and propose to your lover while the sun is set.


  • On a Bridge

What makes Venice unique is canals and bridges, and these will make a Venice proposal more than special. A bridge is one of the best and most romantic places to propose. I personally love small and intimate bridges, there are also some very famous.

Rialto Bridge is the oldest of the 4 bridges that span the Grand Canal in Venice. This stone-arch bridge crosses over the narrowest point of the Grand Canal in the heart of Venice. Take your lover on a casual stroll and when you reach the spot, go down on your knee and do it. Bridge of Sighs is another great option for a proposal in Venice.


  • San Macro Square

A Venice proposal in San Marco is probably among the most touristic places in the city. That means this place will be crowded and finding a private spot will be extremely difficult.  But luckily the square clears out at night. Romantic music is playing in the background, flickering lights and then later going to one of the restaurants there. Or you can wake up really early in the morning. That is when everyone is asleep and you’ll get the privacy you need. Nothing can go wrong.


  • Salute Church

 Salute Church is one of the most beautiful churches in Venice. It is embellished with 125 statues. It has an amazing architecture and is a different and unique place to propose to the love of your life. The serenity and vibe of that place are like no other place. This church has a history and is a perfect spot for history enthusiasts. There is an amazing spot to propose to have an awesome Venice proposal with the amazing Salute Church on the background.


Planning a proposal in a different city is not easy!

I’m here to help you during this special moment of your life.

I’m a specialist of proposals, so I will hear from you your idea, and then I will give our perfect plan for your surprise proposal in Venice or wherever.

Game plan, tips & tricks for making sure that your proposal goes perfectly.

These are some of my favorite proposals in Venice.